The Enchanted Forest

A Natural reserve behind Casa Xuaquín

MuniellosThe muniellos nature reserve (Asturian MUNIELLOS [munje.ʈʂos]) is located in the southwest of Asturias, between the municipalities of Cangas del Narcea and Ibias in the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias, and takes a total area of ​​59.7 square kilometers, comprises three mountains: Mount of Muniellos, La Viliella and Mount Valdebois. The osicla altitude between 680 m. in the lowest to the 1640 peak areas Candanosa. Muniellos Mount is the heart of the reserve and comprises the head of Muniellos river, tributary of the Narcea.

Muniellos natural reserve is the largest oak forest in Spain and one of the best preserved in Europe. Autumn walk in his ways is a unique experience, and its colorful beech, beatiful. Autum is a very active season for animals because they needs to feed because “winter is coming”.
MuniellosMunieḷḷos was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000. The visits must be authorized by the Ministry of Environment of the Principality of Asturias, allowing a maximum of 20 visitors per day, and is open until nine o’clock..

You can access the reservation application form from the official website of Asturias Pricpado here:

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